Gained weight and drove off with hot yoga. Mika Newton told how she was diagnosed with cancer

Mika Newton spoke about the first symptoms of cancer (Photo:

Ukrainian singer Mika Newton talked about how cancer affected her life and how she feels now.

In her Instagram, the artist published a post where she talked about the first symptoms of the disease, as well as how it proceeded and how it feels now.

“ Cancer has left me unprotected. It all started with the fact that every day I swelled like crazy and looked like I was six months pregnant. I thought I was just getting better. Maybe it was my diet. I went to hot yoga, gave up carbohydrates. But I also thought that I was lazy and didn’t want to exercise anymore to get my flat stomach back.

I was very confused. I even went for emergency help in April 2019, where they told me that I just had to eat ” cleaner”, which I did … but nothing helped, and I was very cruel to myself … I continued doing hot yoga until I found out that I have cancer … then stress and operations, the inability to work, then the coronavirus … So I felt that I had lost quite a lot in life.

Now I’m trying to regain my confidence. I feel better, but not 100%! Be kind to yourself, and it’s okay to feel everything that you are feeling right now, “the artist wrote in her profile.


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Earlier, the singer published another post in which she told how important it is not to lose a positive attitude and faith in the best. As it turned out, at first, doctors diagnosed her with the third stage of cancer, which meant that Newton would not be able to give birth to a child. What happened next – read below.

“ A year ago, after the second operation, I was told that I had stage 3 ovarian cancer. They said I would need 12 rounds of chemotherapy, and the most heartbreaking news was that I could never be a mom on my own. I don’t think I’ll ever find the words to describe what we went through … but a miracle happened! A week later, the tests returned, and I was in the first stage, so one day I will still have a chance to get pregnant!

Never give up on your dreams. Prayers and positive thoughts heal! I truly believe that all the spiritual work I did before the surgery worked! Three oncologists who were on the operation did not believe the test results! I know one thing: if you accept everything in your life as a lesson, and not as a punishment, you will be rewarded with a lot of time and, please, never stop dreaming! “Summed up Oksana Gritsai (the real name of the artist).


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Mika Newton is a Ukrainian singer who has been living in California for a long time with her husband Chris Saavedra ( owner of the Saint Agency modeling agency). In 2011, she represented Ukraine at the international Eurovision Song Contest with the song Angel.

A few months ago, the singer admitted that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 33 years old. Before that, she hid her illness for almost a year.