Gal Gadot is back with ‘Heart of Stone’, the unmissable Netflix thriller

Actress Gal Gadot – Photo Ansa

Scheduled to release on Netflix on August 11, Heart of Stone was produced by Pilot Wave, founded by Gal Gadot and her husband Jaron Varsano.

Wonder Woman could be skipped forever, reportedly.”Wonder Woman 3” not confirmed by new DC Studioswhich appear to be moving in a new direction. However, this does not mean that Gadot is slowing down the release of his film projects.

Stone heart: what do we know

‘Heart of Stone’ Trailer Makes It Clear What It Could Be the start of a new series of spy films rival Mission impossible AND 007. Although it has the same elements: an ambitious story, filming locations in different countries, and breathtaking action, Heart of stone it is not based on novels or other material.

This movie is a great title that will make Gadot fans happy to see her save the world again. “Heart of Stone” – director’s film Tom Harper, who previously led the success wild roses and some episodes Peaky Blinders AND Losers. written by Greg Ruka (old guard) AND Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures). They are also in the cast. Matthias Schwighofer (army of the dead), Paul Ready (Terror) AND Sophie Okonedo.

In addition, they are also part of the Netflix movie. Jamie Dornanlike Gadot’s boss in MI6, and Alia Bhatt, who makes his Hollywood debut as a hacker who foils Stone’s mission. Netflix acquired the rights to the film in 2021.

Ultimate protagonist Gal Gadot

Harper felt that creating a new action franchise around a female agent was long overdue, so he (along with the writers) Greg Hand and Allison Schroeder) felt compelled to create a new format specifically around the figure Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot is the main character in Heart of Stone.
Hollywood star Gal Gadot – Photo Ansa

Trailer “Heart of Stone” tease what fight scenes we’ll see at the movie premiere. Skydiving, snowmobile stunts, car chases and motorcycle escapes. at high speed in the cold – this is only part of the images that we can see.

The trailer is dedicated Rachel Stone, played by Gal Gadot, who finds it hard to live a life full of secrets. In this spy thriller NetflixBAFTA nominee director Tom Harper, Gal Gadot plays Rachel Stone, a trained secret agentMI6, British Secret Intelligence. But Stone lives more than one life, and also works for a secret peacekeeping organization.

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