Gal Gadot on Margot Robbie being first choice for Barbie: ‘It warmed my heart’


Gal Gadot expresses admiration for Margot Robbie and hopes to work with her in the future, calling her fun, warm and talented. Gadot’s interest in a potential Barbie movie sequel makes the project perfect for a collaboration between Robbie and Gadot. Shifting focus to a new Gadot-starring Barbie in a sequel will allow the franchise to explore diversity and positively impact the doll’s legacy for generations to come.

Before taking on the role herself, Margot Robbie first cast Gal Gadot’s Barbie, and now the star opens up about being considered for the role of the iconic doll. Robbie’s film went through a lengthy development cycle before its record-breaking release, with Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway joining the project at various stages before star Harley Quinn took over as producer. Robbie originally thought that Gadot would play one of the Barbies in the film, but this was not possible due to unspecified scheduling conflicts.

During an interview spanning her entire career with Flaunt, which was conducted prior to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, Gal Gadot reflected on the fact that she was Margot Robbie’s first choice for the role of Barbie. The actress expressed her admiration for Robbie and said that she thinks he “brings so much to the table”, while also sharing her hopes of collaborating with the producer/star on another project in the future. Here’s what Gadot had to say:

I love Margot. Margot is one of those women that you just want to be friends with. She is so funny, warm, funny, smart and of course so talented. It brings so much to the table. I would like to do something with Margot and I was very touched (by her comments). He warmed my heart with everything he said about me. I’m really happy for them, and I’m so happy for Barbie.

Gadot is expected to join Barbie 2

Shortly after Robbie revealed he was considering her for the role, Gadot took to Instagram to express her excitement about Barbie and even hinted at her interest in a potential sequel. The Wonder Woman actor wasn’t the only star the filmmakers wanted to bring in, as Timothée Chalamet and Suars Ronan, who often collaborated with Greta Gerwig, offered cameos but couldn’t accept them due to commitments in other projects. However, not everyone had scheduling conflicts as Jonathan Groff of Mindhunter was the first choice for the role of Allan, but he ultimately declined.

While she may not have been able to appear in the first film, Gadot’s interest in working with Robbie makes Barbie 2 the perfect project to combine the two. A sequel has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros. or Mattel, although Mattel CEO Inon Kreutz recently stated that the film’s critical and commercial success has sparked interest in expanding the franchise further. Gerwig and Robbie were hesitant to continue working on Barbie 2, even if they didn’t completely close the door to the possibility.

Since the first Barbie ended with a mostly convincing ending for Robbie, one of the best ways to continue would be to shift the focus to the new Barbie. Bringing Gadot as the new protagonist would not only allow Barbie Robbie to keep her strong ending, but would better tie the theme of diversity explored in the first film through its diverse cast, placing the colored version of the character at the center and exploring how they can have a positive impact. on the legacy of dolls for future generations.

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