Gal Gadot teaches Arnold Schwarzenegger how to deal with ‘stressful situations’

Gal Gadot Cleopatra

About two years, Arnold Schwarzenegger he serves as the chief executive officer of Netflix, and so it’s no surprise that he became involved in the promotion Heart of stoneupcoming action-platformer featuring Gal Gadot.

The promo for the Netflix movie serves as a reminder that while summer is coming to an end, the action season isn’t over yet, at least not on the streaming service. WITH Heart of stonethe platform will offer viewers a mini-series of a heist thriller Who is Erin Carter. Then the turn will come Lupine Part 3, Rebel Moon, dancer, believer 2 AND Criminal DNA they will all arrive before the end of the year.

To the cinema, Gal Gadot superspy Rachel Stone, who must prevent an asset called the Heart, an electronic device capable of controlling vital global operations, from falling into the wrong hands.

Trailer quickly reveals Rachel Stone’s lonely secret life and devotion Charter, an underground peacekeeping organization for which he works. What follows is a fast-paced collection of betrayals, tensions and action scenes, including one in which Stone flies a plane dressed as a glider and falls down a snowy mountain on a glowing parachute.

Here is the place you see Gal Gadot compare with Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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