Gal Gadot updates on Netflix’s Red Notice sequel

Gal Gadot and The Bishop-in-Red-Notice

red notice remains the most successful original film in the history of Netflix And fans have spent the last year and a half wondering when the sequel would finally arrive. with action comedy Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds And girl gadot It broke records when it released in 2021, and Netflix immediately ordered not one, but two sequels, with all three leads set to return.

Netflix hasn’t officially shared anything yet girl gadot It was recently confirmed that things are still moving forward. Talking to Collider about his new Netflix film, heart of stoneGadot revealed that she has read the script and that everyone involved is “very excited” about what’s to come. “We’re All Talking About It”Gadot said. “I don’t know if I can say anything! I’ve already read the second script and it’s…wow! We are all very excited about it.

Mentioned girl gadot The script of Red Notice 2 is the first update on the film since October, when the makers Beau Flynn And Hiram Garcia He spoke to Collider about the future of the franchise. there are actually two movies red notice In the works, Netflix is ​​moving forward on a few sequels, potentially to shoot one after the other. As told by Flynn, writer/director rosson marshall thurber He is currently writing both the films.

Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds And girl gadot everyone is expecting a sequel red noticeBut there is no information about when the production of those films will start.

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