Gal Gadot welcomes this star to Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 3 signed a memorable actress. Thus, this appearance, which is a return to the DCEU, will mark an impact on the franchise.

DC and Warner Bros. they remain firm in the creation of the projects that come in the next two years. The study has the sole and strong objective of dethroning its rival, Marvel studios. In the midst of those plans, there are some series and movies that are being produced, already with a release date. On the other hand, work is beginning on others, which are in the very early stages of production.

One of those is Wonder woman 3. The film will again feature Gal gadot in the lead role. The actress remains one of the few members of the ‘Snyderverse‘that are still valid in the company. With her they meet Ezra Miller (Flash) and Jason momoa (Aquaman). For its part, Ben affleck (Batman) and Henry cavill (Superman) stepped aside.

However, returning to the subject of Wonder Woman, it was confirmed that Patty jenkins will maintain her role as director. In addition, a legendary star was signed for the third installment.

Is about Lynda carter, who gave life to the heroine between 1975 and 1979. Gadot was in charge of confirming the news, which had been rumored since the recent DC Fandome.

First of all, Lynda has been my mentor from the moment I was cast as Wonder Woman. He’s always been there, talking to me, giving me advice and everything. She is a true advocate for what Patty and I have been up to, and it was so great that we managed to find the right opportunity to bring her to the last movie and now the third.”Mentioned the actress.

Thus, the return of the interpreter as Asteria, a character that he already had in the second title, will mark a tribute in life for the celebrity.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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