Galilea Montijo Wears a Bikini With Her Colleagues From the ‘Hoy’ Program

Galilea Montijo.

The driver enjoyed a weekend in Acapulco, from where she modeled a sexy orange bikini with which she exposed the sculptural anatomy that she maintains at her 47 years

Galilea Montijo enjoyed an unforgettable weekend in Acapulco with her fellow morning riders, where she took advantage of her days off to show off her body in a bikini.

The host and some of her colleagues from the ‘Hoy’ program, including Andrea EscalonaMartha Figueroa, producer Andrea RodríguezLambda García, and Paul Stanley, decided to take a few days of relaxation on the shores of Acapulco, Guerrero, as far as They traveled to have fun and show off their silhouette by the pool.

This was shown through social networks, where they shared a photograph in which they are seen with their best poses in front of the camera. One of those that most attracted attention was Galilea Montijo, who modeled a sexy orange bikini with which she exposed the statuesque anatomy that she maintains at 47 years of age.

The image that was shared with about 9 million Instagram followers managed to register more than 93 thousand red hearts and hundreds of messages in which they complimented her beauty, personality, and great style for fun. While other users highlighted the great team that they form outside the television screen and did not overlook that the great absentee during the meeting was Andrea Legarreta.

” How nice to see you together “, ” And Andrea … why didn’t they invite her “, ” All very handsome my beautiful Galilee “, ” What a beautiful photo “, ” I loved your suit and you are beautiful “, ” Gali why didn’t you invite Andrea Legarreta? “They were just a few messages that the beautiful woman from Guadalajara received, who also appeared enjoying herself on the beach.

Another who took advantage of the sun and the sea breeze to perfect her tan was Andrea Escalona, who through her social profile shared a snapshot in which she is seen posing from the beach with a light two-piece swimsuit with a print of animal print with which she managed to highlight her curvy figure.

” Sun sand and wine ” was how the daughter of the late producer, Magda Rodríguez, described this image.

The publication received a response from some celebrities such as  Andrea Legarreta, who fell in love with the beauty of the also singer.


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