Gallardo took the 10 from Carrascal and gave it to a reinforcement

Jorge Carrascal did not have perhaps, the performance expected by many in River plate. In the last Professional League, where the “Millionaire” was champion, the “coffee” steering wheel was released more and had good games but did not finish convincing the fans. For this reason, and as a result of the possible arrival of Juan Fernando Quintero which will take place in the coming weeks, there will be an important change requested by Marcelo gallardo.

While your representative reviews the offers you received in these months, “Carrasca” continues in River and is part of the preseason in San Martín de Los Andes along with the rest of the campus. What’s more, He took advantage of the football break to change the look and appeared very different to face what is coming. Not only for him new hair color, but also because he no longer wore the number on his shorts that he wore in the championship.

Marcelo gallardo made the drastic decision to get the 10 from Jorge Carrascal, who will use 25. The shirt with which they historically played their own “Doll”, “Beto” Alonso, Ariel Ortega, Gonzalo “Pity” Martínez, among others, will now have one of the reinforcements of this season. Beyond that it came as a promise, it will not be Thomas Pochettino, who signed his contract on January 9 in the facilities of the Monumental Stadium.

The Colombian Juan Fernando Quintero you will recover the number you left vacant when you emigrated to Shenzen from China. Its arrival is not yet closed but it is almost a fact that, after his participation in the commitments with the Colombian National Team, will join the rest of the team. Once those matches are over, He will return to River Plate officially and seal his contract to get in tune thinking about what is coming.

River returned to work with eight cases of Covid: who are the infected

While some of those who tested positive are professional squad playersOthers are not, although they are part of the “Millionaire” delegation. It is about the footballers Franco Petroli, Cristian Ferreira, Carlos Auzqui, Javier Pinola and Nicolás De La Cruz. In addition, Agustín Palavecino will have to confine himself because he is a close contact from someone who contracted the disease.

On the other hand, those who also have Covid in River are the field assistant Hernán Buján, the kinesiologist Jorge Bombicino and the physical trainer Marcelo Tulbovitz. In the statement, the “Millo” confirmed that “All of them will comply with their corresponding period of isolation and will resume work once they are discharged.”

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