Game Battle Royale for Free-to-Play-COD Warzone Release Tomorrow


Two main serve-modes in the open world of the giants

According to rumors and leaked news, Activision has finally unveiled Call of Duty Warzone, the game FPS the open world for free with a variety of modes the game interesting. What Activision for the answers genre battle royale this?

1. Survival and loot

CoD Warzone will be presented two main modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. Over 150 players used in Verdansk, the open world large, consisting of more than 300 locations are unique and diverse. The right to any the game battle royale to survive a different, you will be asked, with the beat Gamer other and avoid playing the border of the flue gas, the shrinking of the zone.

Mode the second, which is pretty unique Plunder. Here you must race to collect money and loot valuable as much as possible. Loot can be searched in the corners of the Verdansk, or stolen from the corpses of your opponents.

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2. You terminate the agreement with interesting prices

In the fashion Battle Royale and PlunderYou can choose the contract includes a special mission. These missions vary from search loot or secure a particular area. Of the contract, the completed will be rewarded with prize money, Prey, and the unique abilities of the other.

The earned money can be spent Buy Station buy Element-revival or Killstreak. In The Mode PlunderYou can also buy balloons ala Fulton MGS to secure the loot.

3. The global Version, and is free to play

Game Battle Royale for Free-to-Play-COD Warzone Release

CoD Warzone release is beginning of March 11, 2020 and can be played for free, at no additional cost. For the owner Game CoD Modern WarfareAccess to Warzone open 4 hours early.

What do you think about the game battle royale version Call of Duty this?

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