Game Console Super Rare Nintendo PlayStation Sold Usd 5.2 Bn

193 – In the year 2019 reported, news has surfaced that a prototype Nintendo game console PlayStation will be auctioned. Now, the results of the collaboration of Sony and Nintendo already sold by auction online with the price of 300,000 US dollars, or approximately Usd 4.3 billion.

The buyer is Greg McLemore, a collector of memorabilia video game from Los Angeles, United States. The above figures do not include the fee of 20 percent of the value of the sale of goods in the premium category.

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To pay McLemore $ 60,000 extra (Us $ 867 million Euro), so that the sum of money, the issue for the redemption of a prototype game console, which reached Usd 5.2 billion.

Prototype-Nintendo-Sony PlayStation-item is super rare, only 200 pieces in the year 1991 through the partnership of Sony and Nintendo. This device is not in contrast to the “Super NES CD-ROM”.

Of all that has ever been made, since, allegedly, only one fruit that is still there, namely auctioned on this occasion. 199 the rest is believed to have been destroyed, shortly after the Nintendo and Sony collaboration cancel.

As a compiled KompasTekno from CNN, Monday (9/3/2020), then Sony released the PlayStation-first of all -without the cooperation with Nintendo in 1994. The console then great success in the market.

The Nintendo PlayStation was originally owned by the former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Olaf Olafsson, who moved to the Advanta Corporation in 1996.

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When Olafsson resigned from Advanta in 1999, he left the goods-all your stuff in the office, including the console, which is bought and then auctioned to the private and a man by the name of Terry Diebold with the price of only 75 US dollar (Usd 1 million) in the year 2009.

Meanwhile, McLemore, the owner of the new Nintendo PlayStation, a business man at the age of 50 years, a number of popular domain had to sell, of which in the 2000s.

Man, the 50-year-old admitted that he was playing a hobby-the collecting of objects of legacy in category video. There are hundreds of consoles, arcade games, as well as products video game the “old school”, he collection. He wants to build a museum for the presentation of his collection.