‘Game of Thrones’ main characters talk about their return in Jon Snow spin-off

HBO is transforming Game of Thrones in a real universe with previously announced spin-offs, including the recent House of the Dragon. Dragon House presented some of the best numbers of the last decade on the premium cable network and was quickly renewed for a second season, which is currently filming despite the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike. It also became known that another spin-off titled Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: Hedge Knight, which focuses primarily on the stories of Dunk and Egg, has received a direct series order and can be expected to hit the network in the next few years. A spin-off is also in development John Snow with Kit Harington as the main character, and it looks like another Game of Thrones actor wants to join the series. During a recent interview with Den of Geek, Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos Seaworth, also known as the Bow Knight, revealed that he had already contacted Harington about a sequel.

“I wrote (Keith) ‘Better call Davos’ but didn’t get a response,” Cunningham said. “I wish all the participants the best, and if the check is big enough, I might show up again!”

Kit Harington talks about upcoming Jon Snow spin-off

When the series’ sequel was announced, Harington showed up at the first official Game of Thrones convention and had to talk about the sequel to confirm its existence, but all he could offer was a small teaser.

“I think if you asked him he would think he got off lightly. At the end of the series, when we find him in this cell, he is preparing to be beheaded and wants to do it. It’s over, Harington said, going to the Wall is the greatest gift, but also the greatest curse.

“He has to go back to that place with all this history and live his life thinking about how he killed Dany and live his life thinking about Ygritte dying in his arms and live his life thinking about how he hung ollie, and live his life. life thinks about all these injuries, and it’s, it’s interesting,” Harington added. “So I think when we leave it at the end of a series, there’s always this feeling… I think we wanted to smile a little, that it’s okay. He doesn’t feel well.” Game of Thrones star added.

‘Game of Thrones’ creator says Jon Snow spin-off was Kit Harington’s idea

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin commented on the Jon Snow spin-off last year, also revealing that it was actually Harington’s idea.

“Yes, it was Kit Harington who gave us the idea,” the Game of Thrones creator wrote on his blog. “I can’t tell you the writers/showrunners because it hasn’t been cleared for release yet, but Keith brought them along, his team, and they’re amazing.”

What is the Jon Snow spin-off about?

In the final season of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow finally discovered that he is the real Aegon Targaryen, and the fact that he is also the true heir to the Iron Throne. After killing Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) to remove her from power, Jon was sentenced to life exile with the Night’s Watch. Instead of staying with the Night’s Watch a second time, Jon decides to head north of the Wall to presumably live with the wildlings and his big bad wolf Ghost. Some speculate that he became king beyond the Wall, but this has never been confirmed. The Jon Snow spin-off will focus on what happened after we last saw the character.

What do you think of the Game of Thrones star’s comments? Would you like Liam Cunningham to return in a Jon Snow spin-off?

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