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Asa-a singer with soul & pop-Nigerian-concert in a Bikini-Ramonville, Wednesday, 4. March 2020 of 20 hours.
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Asa-concert in a Bikini, on 4. March 2020 20 PM
Asa-concert in a Bikini, on 4. March 2020 20 PM (©DR)

Always, the songs d’Asa (pronounced Asha) come to him and live. His, the of his friends, the stories read in the press. She takes notes, keeps the information and the music ends up coming. Sometimes it suddenly slammed as “Torn”, one has always suspected that Asa was guided by instinct, than by the concern for the cold purity.

When are you coming the first album in the year 2007it is a quiet tsunami-platinum copy, prix Constantin, hundreds of concerts around the world, and the album is “Live in Paris”…

The route jumps radiantly an arrangement of revelation and blurring of the traditional categories in Europe, Africa and America, between the soul well-born, and folk intuitively, between pop and reggae gently and song limits.

They would continue to gallop. But “Beautiful Imperfection” in 2010, “Bed of Stone” 2014. The time necessary to life, and a soul fulfilled, and the heart and the voice in the way that a day in the summer, a song from a stroke, up to its Zenith.

Asa is currently on tour “Lucid”, their fourth album and a concert in a Bikini Wednesday, 4. March 2020 of 20 hours.

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