gameplay trailer in 4K, dedicated for the new action-RPG


Among the “World Premiere” of the Guerrilla Collectivethe new event dedicated to video games, we have seen a gameplay trailer Almighty: Kill your Gods.

As you can see in the video in 4K resolution, this action RPG we put you in the shoes of a warrior, able to take advantage of the ancient powers, thanks to which you can fly, transform and unleash a force unheard of. Thanks to these skills, it will be possible to deal with the dangerous creatures of various nature and size, so as to accumulate the pieces of equipment becoming more and more rare and become more and more strong. The whole adventure will also be playable in mode cooperative online, through which users can explore the basis of their own friends. Each player will have the opportunity to create and customize a field base where you can arrange for the next shipment.

The game is coming soon on PC and console, although it has been mentioned the possibility of his debut on the platforms of the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. At the moment, it is also possible to add the title to their wish list on Steamwhere the official page and is already active and allows you to take a look at the trailer and screenshots.

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