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Gamers criticized the teaser of the new addition to Path of Exile

On July 2, a teaser was released on the official Path of Exile youtube channel, which was supposed to hint at a new addition, but something went wrong.

The video showed only new skills but did not tell anything about the add-on. Users did not like this at all. Because of the name of the teaser, they expected something very different.

During the day, the video received more than 170 thousand views. Pretty good result, but that is not the problem. The players spoke negatively about the teaser, this can be seen from the ratio of likes – dislikes, the second got 3 thousand, and the first 2.4 thousand.

How users expressed their outrage:

Thanks for showing us new skills, now where’s the teaser?

This is not a teaser for the expansion, this is a teaser for new skills.

No circles this time? Pog.

I love leagues with mechanic rework such as Synthesis, Looting, and Harvesting. I hate the Ultimatum. It’s a click-and-be-swarmed mechanic that I’m running out of interest in.

It’s funny that they never use flasks. Pressing too much?

A full-fledged announcement of 3.15 and the new league will take place on July 15 at 23 GMT, and the add-on will be released on July 23 on PC and on July 28 on consoles.

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