Games send clothing to celebrities to promote the Adidas x Ivy Park


Only a person such as Queen B you can promote your most recent partnership with the sports brand Adidas in a way, just as the original, which, no doubt, have left the stars that you are receiving the most impresionadas.

The goddess of the R&B he ordered the Zendaya, Missy Elliott, Hailey Baldwin, Cardi B,Then amongst other celebrities, is a complete wardrobe that includes both the first and the most exclusive parts of the long-awaited collaboration Adidas x Ivy Park. We have already had a look at the collection in the December issue of the Because of US where to Her it was a cover, and in some of the blog posts on your Instagram of the singer; however, this is unboxing, to promote the collection, it was epic.

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The reaction of the celebrities in the face of such a unboxing they were the most fun.

Missy Elliott he did not hesitate to thank him for the gift with a personal message Queen B a number of the stories in the Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

Cardi B not in the past, and he has shared a video on her feed, where it shows all of the walk-in wardrobe.

Zendayahe also thanked them for their Queen B with the picture in his stories, where he is seen posing next to the a “big-box orange”now they call them in the nets.

Photo: Instagram

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The same Reese Witherspoon he made a unboxing the full article where you could see some of the pieces in the collection, which includes shorts, leggings, jumpsuits, shoes, colorful, and other accessories, such as accessories, a couple of beanies to top off the look.

We want it all!!

Hailey Baldwinit was also one of the celebrities who have got a massive walk-in wardrobe and well, it didn’t take anything to bring the pieces to the streets of Los Angeles in an outfit is super casual and is a sports that we love.

Photo: Instagram

The collection Adidas x Ivy Park come out to the sale tomorrow, the 18th of January.

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