GameStopZing launches new summer promo with a lot of discounts and exclusive offers


From the 22nd of June, the chain GameStopZing launched the campaign in the summer Time to Playthis year’s style rertrowave, dedicated to the fantastic 80’s: from the shops to the online, everything will be themed 80’s for a dip in those nostalgic years with deals on many product categories.

Among the promotions are active we buy two games and the cheaper you pay only 5 euro, 20% and 30% discount on a selection of new products, 20% discount on used, save 20% on merchandise (including products already discounted, including the famous Funko Pop!, the action figures and keychains), 40% discount on T-Shirt and still you buy two used games, and the third will pay half and the initiative is charged with the output, and you’ll get 30% of extravalutazione on the games listed in the store. Also coming soon will be activated also exclusive promotions available exclusively on the site GameStopZing.

All the promo GameStop available in the points of sale of the more than 340 stores in the chain, and online until 13 August: don’t waste time and hurry before the 80 remains only a faded memory. At the shops in the GSZ you will find all the information and any limitations on the offers, depending on the availability of the products of the individual points of sale.

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