Gara-Gara Corona-Virus, Smartphone Sales In China By 50 Percent


BEIJING, Corona Virus, the smartphone industry has made in China. Mobile phone sales in China in February 2020 fell by more than 50 percent compared to the same month of the previous year.

Recorded, the less than 500,000 iphones sold in China last month. This concern corona virus, reducing demand and disrupting supply lines in the country.

Quotes U-BahnOn Wednesday (11/3/2020), because the number of cases of corona virus cancel rapidly increase in January, the government of China, large gatherings and celebrations for the festival of the Lunar New Year. The plague, also interfere with the sales of smartphones in the bamboo curtain country.

Reuters speaks of Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said, although this is not a time to be nervous, remind them of the demand from China in the March quarter is not a trend. But, surprising events that are believed to be will not last long.

In February, Apple down 42 driven from his lair in China, after concerns about the corona virus increases. But now almost all the Apple store has re-opened, because the case in China shrank to the lowest level since January.

In a letter to investors, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, the company warned not to expect the target’s revenue, because the deterioration by the corona virus. To reach, according to data from China Academy of information and communication technology, the sale of Apple devices 494.000, up to the highest level.

In February, China imposed isolation in the almost 60 million people in Hubei province are exposed to the virus. The Chinese government issued the quarantine and travel restrictions.

Authorities obliged the citizens to install the app on their phones. The app helps users to determine whether they can travel or not, a color-code on the basis of the symptoms that are rotated.

However, many criticize the application free of data with the police has the potential to control the social mass to stop even after the spread of the corona virus.

Publisher : Dani Dahwilani