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The NBA’s own LeBron James stood with Israel in a statement released on Wednesday, but a large group of his fans didn’t support the message.

In a rare “W” for LeBron, I wrote a heartfelt statement for the victims of Hamas’s war crimes against Israel. He went a step further and left the comments section open on what is sure to be a controversial post.

Critics flocked to mock LeBron for supporting Israel amid a pro-Palestinian movement backed by the mainstream left.

Apparently, fans are hoping King James will appease Hamas rather than condemn the terrorist organization. But James seized the opportunity to express sympathy for the Israeli people and condemn Hamas’ “terrorism.”

Here’s what James posted on social media Wednesday night:

The devastation in Israel is tragic and unacceptable.

Hamas’ murder and violence against innocent people is terrorism. The SpringHill Company family extends its deepest condolences to Israel and the Jewish community. We pray for peace in the region and reaffirm our continued commitment to combating all forms of hatred.

We must all work to ensure that this tragedy does not spread more hatred, racism and anti-Semitism.

@kingjames // Instagram

For a group that claims human rights for all, the left is picky about victim groups. Even in the face of war crimes, leftists refuse to support the Jewish state of Israel.

Social media was quick to get its claws on Lyndon Johnson.

“You went from king to sheep,” one X commenter scoffed.

Another added: “His PR team will pay for their sins.”

One X user posted: “Nothing but Uncle Tom.”

“This is what happens when you only read 2 pages of Malcolm X’s autobiography,” one reply on Instagram read.

Tensions increased across the country days after Hamas attacks killed more than 1,000 innocent Israelis. American sports leagues strongly support Israel and condemn Hamas. What could have been a moment of unity for Americans quickly turned political.

The Left Wants to See the Fall of Israel, They Are Silent on the Terror of Hamas

LeBron James gets attacked by his critics when he does something legitimate. In this case, the left is angry at LeBron.

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