Garlic Side Effects Eating Garlic Is Partially Beneficial: These Are Its Possible Side Effects

It is good for health, prevents disease, improves physical performance, and does not make people fat.All these qualities are attributed to garlicConsidered a superfood for its benefits to the body.

On the one hand, it contains a substance called allicin, which has hypoglycemic, antibiotic, antithrombotic, and antioxidant effects. In addition, it contains compounds with cellular detoxification properties and functions. Prevent colorectal cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Its ability to fight disease is one of its greatest benefits. garlic Good even for the common flu. A study by British researcher P. Josling showed that taking garlic for 12 weeks reduced cold cases by 63% compared to subjects taking a placebo.

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However, so far so good, raw garlic has many side effects.

Raw Garlic Side Effects

If this food is abused, side effects may occur. Eat no more than 2 or 3 cloves of garlic – whether raw or cooked – in a day. If these limits are exceeded, side effects may occur:

  • Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach can Cause gastrointestinal irritation or burning.return acidity. Especially those with sensitive digestive systems.

  • This irritation can also occur on the skin as well as elsewhere allergy symptoms (hives, swelling…).

  • raw garlic can cause nausea and vomiting If taken very frequently. Most importantly, if done on an empty stomach.

  • diarrhea and gas Eating large amounts of raw garlic may also have other side effects.

  • If you eat too much raw garlic, bleeding nose, bleeding gums or you get mouth ulcers.

  • In addition to strong body odor, Excessive sweating Eat lots of raw garlic.

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