Gastritis: Learn 9 Things to Stop Doing When You Have Gastritis

Inflammation of the stomach lining or medically known as gastritis This is a disease that affects many people. However, improving your habits will help significantly improve your symptoms. Next, let’s take a look at 9 action What should we do to avoid and/or manage the effects of this disease?

According to data from Ministry of Health (2016) among the Peruvian population 80% People who suffer from gastritis problems, the root cause of which is drinking raw water. This move led to the emergence of Helicobacter pylori in the citizens. one of the causes of the disease.

What is gastritis?

As mentioned earlier, this disease is Inflammation of the stomach wall Produced by bacterial infection or regular use of certain medications.

possible reason

  • Repeated use of pain medication: Self-medication is a common practice for most Peruvians (3. 4%) until May of this year.Intake of ibuprofen is one of the main reasons for this affect the stomach wallwhich makes the stomach vulnerable to stomach gas.
  • Old age: over the years, The protective layer gastric it gets thinnerTherefore, the elderly are more prone to gastritis symptoms.
  • Heavy drinking: This substance is harmful and more likely to inflame the lining of the stomach, so it should limit your spending As little as possible.
  • pressure: he don’t know how to drive picture of this state of mind It damages and affects gastritis.
  • Cancer Treatment: chemotherapy or radiation therapy may make symptoms worse disease.
  • Autoimmune gastritis: This is an unusual case, but own body attacks cells thus formed stomach wallwhich causes wear of its protective barrier.

Things to avoid when you have gastritis

  1. smokes
  2. eat a lot
  3. fast feeding
  4. Go to bed right after dinner
  5. Abuse of sour, spicy food or condiments
  6. drink coffee, tea, wine, soft drink or carbonated drink
  7. eat fatty foods
  8. don’t know how to handle stress
  9. fasting for too long

In this way, we learned what gastritiswhat triggers it, and what action They should be considered if you want to avoid or reduce the symptoms of this disease, which is more common in the Peruvian population.

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