Gastroenteritis outbreak forces Kaluus municipal pool to close

A gastroenteritis outbreak Forced to close municipal swimming pools callus (Barcelona). They suspect that the presence of the parasite in the water may be responsible for the outbreak affecting the population for several days.

Many people in the city had to be treated at health centers for photos of gastrointestinal infections.One of the cases has been confirmed as an infected person Cryptosporidiuman intestinal parasite.

Comprehensive Water Quality Analysis

A map of people likely to be infected by the parasite was produced by the Public Health Service, showing that all affected people exhibited compatible symptomology Suffering from Cryptosporidium infection.

The parliament has met with representatives of the Central Regional Public Health Service of Catalonia to draw up an action plan and decide to close the swimming pools permanently until problems arise. detailed analysis A body of water and the space around it.

infection symptoms

Based on information provided by public health agencies, the City Council assures that Cryptosporidium infection can asymptomaticalthough in most cases there are diarrhea self-limiting.

Sometimes, they last about five to six weeks and can be more severe in immunosuppressed people or older adults with chronic medical conditions.

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