Gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona infects 120 people

Gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona infects 120 peopleCarlos Lujan

total Gastroenteritis outbreak has affected 120 people Found in Tarazona. Some of the affected people started experiencing diarrhea, vomiting and feeling unwell between Sunday and Monday and went to health centers where health professionals “They found nothing in common among the affected populations, other than water intended for human consumption.”, Ministry of Health sources reported on Tuesday.

There are no serious cases yet People who require hospitalization. In light of this situation, water samples were collected yesterday afternoon from the mouth of the Tarazona River.These must be analyzed in a public health laboratory, and “Results expected this week” They were able to confirm whether the outbreak was water-related.

Health allows use of tap water for cleaning, ‘but Not suitable for drinking or cookingthey emphasized. In fact, faced with a “significant increase” in cases, the Tarazona City Council has issued a notice reminding all residents to avoid drinking water.

The outbreak in Tarazona occurred 15 days after it was discovered Two outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis in Huesca province. According to the public health epidemiological bulletin, an epidemic broke out in a community in a town in the province, with 80 cases of mild short-term diarrhea symptoms.Samples were collected at 5 points in the supply network, “all of which negativethe announcement clarified. Likewise, a serious outbreak was detected in an institutional center in the province of Huesca, affecting 13 people.

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