Gazelle wins everything at Olimpico

– by Riccardo Di Stefano –

“What a Long Strange Journey It’s Been” Jerry Garcia would have commented about fifty years ago.

But in order to be in something that has at least a little context, I can quote the remark of a Roman friend of mine, who is still sleeping, who has been living for many years in Sweden, who says in a yawning voice “But what exactly did Gazelle … Olimpiko?”

Why yes, let’s think about it for a moment, Flavio Pardini aka Gazelles He played at the Stadio Olimpico, where he retired a few years ago. captain, Theater of the Italian Cup final and many other things.


if it was still 2018Well, thinking about it would make me feel weird. But on the other hand, 2018 itself saw another indie hero go straight to the stadium: Kolkata He wasted no time and had already appropriated the Latina Stadium and the Verona Arena 5 years earlier.

But 5 years is a long time, And there was Covid in between. the only survivor of that musical season Before 20 it was precisely the Gazelle that left Sanremi and the unfortunate guests and also survived Indi, perhaps also thanks to the careful and wise management by the management, which did not squeeze it and did it with many of its people. other associates.

Rome, 9 June 2023.

Gazzelle all’Olimpico got there in small stepsWhoever saw, at least in Rome, first fill the Palasport, then the rock in Rome (speed up boomers) and finally, Olimpico’s single super-mega-date.

clearly, probably, one wasn’t sold and anyhow, if you want it, you can fill it, but 47 thousand people were present in the concert yesterday Guess they weren’t oblivious to passers-by.

Gazelles Olympic Stadium

The sight of a packed stadium is impressive enough in itself, e.g. Flavio is rightly led by,

As large concerts demand, huge stages and enlarged bands immediately promise us: It’s going to be more of a party than a concerta great celebration.

For about two and a half hours Indeed Gazelle sings and sings to audiences far and wide through her discography, backed by a perennial choir that doesn’t let a syllable escape. but deep down, If the risk of a “karaoke concert” was unavoidable, the final effect – in an appropriate and right place, and relevant too – It was, for once, even enjoyable, The human and artistic meeting of Flavio and his audience then becomes a real symbiosis, for which a human exchange, If Gazelle is your favorite artist, then tomorrow’s probably going to be your “concert of a lifetime”.

all party guests

For good reason, on the other hand. In such a collective embrace, the guests could not disappear, a litmus test of where Flavio wants to be: after a piano-and-strings medley, he takes the stage marco mengoniGreeted by a cheer that makes the stadium tremble, Flavio sings along with “Il Menno Possible”, managing to play his part without vocally crushing (or rather “devastating”) his younger colleague.

There’s no time for greetings as “Tuttekoz” begins, with the inevitable appearance mara sattiWhile a few songs later his strong friends join him mobrisi (“seven”) and fulminaki (“millions”)thus going on to further underline his identity related to his Macystee disquiet label and his love – oft-declared – for Antonio “Gno” Sarrubi, for their manager, Frederick Panicia for his assistant and friend and Federico Nardellithe creator.

Gazelle’s songs continue, with them uncomfortable intimacy with a minor Sometimes some speed bumps are thrown in while Flavio carves his personal space to ed sheeran Where only guitar and voice are presented to sing together in the stadium.

This is a prelude to the show’s last act finale which has one last big surprise. Ghazals with unheard words don’t do us muchConfining himself to a few quick remarks and salutations (“Dejà reggae”, or “Make a mess”, but he would transpose at the end of the concert), he nevertheless spent a few more words to introduce his first cover. does, “Love Matters”Was wondering if Ligabuy somewhere is listening to this.

and of course singing with him is really salt Luciano Ligabue – Intends to connect itself with the young audience – for a successful and effective coupleA perfect handover between two generations of artists.

there is no way back from olympico

As the concert fades into an encore, and I go home, I can’t help but think of Qhow has everything changed, The construction of the Stadio Olimpico is perhaps an inevitable but risky move, especially at a time when the cost of construction is very high and tickets are increasing in price every day.

a single super date for gamingsucceeded in result and scoring a point The (former) summer of life ceased in this season, and is probably putting Pole From which no one turns back. Of course Flavio announces new 2024 live season in arenasbut you don’t go back from olympico, except a victory.

whether it is the point of arrival or departure, Last or first phase of his career, we don’t know, what is certain is that the concertone was a Great celebration of a career that never devolved into undue publicitythat maintains a direction and coherent and coherent writing (perhaps too stable, who knows) and the catwalk of friends and colleagues as guests gives us a foreshadowing of where Flavio really wanted to be, among writers and singers (like Mengoni and Ligabue), among friends (like Masa , Fulminaki and Mobrissi) ) and not among the passing fights of the moment, among those singers who in 3 years will not know what happened to them.

because Flavio, Gazelle, was there 6 years ago, and apparently still remains, Fans and haters are warned.


  1. it’s better that way
  2. life paranoia
  3. however
  4. Collide
  5. Black
  6. Even more…
  7. something wrong
  8. went as it went
  9. a song i don’t know

, Enter Medley Piano (piano, strings and vocals)

  1. you don’t remind me of the sea anymore
  2. Blue
  3. Knife
  4. meltinpots


  1. As little as possible (ft. Mengoni)
  2. TUTTECOSE (feet Mara Satti)
  3. fucking song
  4. cotton candy
  5. Above
  6. Flavius
  7. Seven (ft. Mobrisi)
  8. Millions (ft. Thunderbolts)
  9. do not tell anyone
  10. september
  11. cover my shoulders

——— Moment of guitar and voice: Flavio only

  1. Now that i see you well
  2. Animal
  3. sparks


  1. SMPP Extension
  2. first love song
  3. Sorry
  4. Same
  5. Love Counts (ft. Ligabue)
  6. punk
  7. Lifelong


Indian Standards Bureau:

  1. that you (guitar and vocals with Claudio Bruno on guitar)
  2. Correct
  3. are you not

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