Gegara Corona, iPhone 11 Rare


New York

The outbreak of the corona virus appears to be the cause for the shortage of the Apple iPhone 11. It happened in the city of New York.

Retail trade in the city began to run out of grids iPhone 11, and also the iPhone 11 Pro. The range in the Shop has the routine of from time to time not more.

The source, the name of the employee, it is because the iPhone 11 stacked in the warehouse operator. It is done to anticipate if the situation is unsafe, because of the corona, at least there is still the inventory, although limited.

“We received the offer, however, there is no iPhone out there. Only mobile wrinkles, and Samsung,” said an employee of Verizon, was quoted detikINET from the NYPost.

In the US, most phones are sold through carriers such as Verizon or AT&T. “supplies are limited, because of what recently happened is,” call the employees in the store of AT&T.

In addition to the stacked in the warehouse, marked by the delivery from the manufacturer in China to a halt. As is known, most of the iPhone assembled in the production of Foxconn has many factories in China, but experienced a disruption because of the outbreak of the corona.

Consumers who buy you don’t want to get iPhone 11, but you can book in advance. The goods within 2 days.

Gegara Corona, iPhone 11 Rare

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