Geisy Arruda, climbs on the counter and shows my ass to share with g-string


Geisy Arruda decided to #sextar in the best possible way. The beauty posted a picture in addition to dares, in your profile, on Instagram, on Friday (27/12/2019), much to the delight of the fans.

On the plate, Geisy is in the top of the sink, and it shows in the bottom of a huge, well-broken for a little g-string. The brunette said, I woke up, full of mischief.

“Sextou! And their intentions are the worst. Because half of it is debauchery and to the other? It is just bad. I woke up mázinha, I’m sorry,” she wrote in the heading of your posting.

It didn’t take long for the fans to make a riot cause in the comments. “Where you sign up to the vacancy from the faucet?”, played that one. The other said bluntly: “for The first time in my life that I was jealous of the twins”.