Geisy Arruda holds a good shape and brings to the madness


The muse fans left unimpressed

By: Camilla Tochetto | 10. February, at 19:44

In the night of Monday (10), Geisy has Arruda, sent shock waves through the psychological, to your followers if you post from your clicks different in your profile on Instagram.

In the recording, she came wearing an underwear, in black, by betting on the card, and shows good form. “All women have to before you will be “overwhelmed” to, she seduces…,” he wrote in the heading of your posting.

In less than an hour, she had to get on together with the blonde, more than 25 thousand tanned, and earned rave reviews from fans and friends.

“This is a piece from the right path,” said an employee. “This woman is so beautiful, it hurts in the eyes!”, he explained to the others.


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