Geisy Arruda is discussed, is in the chase: “a photo half naked. I’m pirracenta”


Geisy Arruda, used the social network contest with a trailer that criticized you on Instagram. It all started when a woman in a photo comment from you, you post a lot of photos, where it seems half naked.

“The invitation to tender for the college, it was easy to be able to promote yourself. The most you will have is photos of half-naked. You have to say, that if he felt overwhelmed at the time. Not the same,” he wrote to a woman in a picture, where Geisy appear in lingerie in front of a mirror.

The author was not to be intimidated, and soon he has released another photo from fat. For lingerie, she appears again in the image. “I hope that the woman will not be offended, I’m going to post a picture “half naked”. Just because I’m a pirracenta. 🤗 , Because it is bad for you. And in the United States. This is bad,” she said in the caption.

Geisy has the support of the fans. “Here,” wrote David Brazil. “For most young women who complain about what you publish photos of half-naked, and the answers for the moment!! Well done!”, he said with a huge fan base. “Wonderful,” said MC-Maha.