Geisy Arruda is Geisy Arruda


Geisy arruda we posted, yesterday (6), in his stories, it is back to the warm climate of their homeland. for those fans who don’t know, a digital influencer to take was a couple of days holiday.

The digital influencer Geisy arrudaI wanted their beaches in Russia, in Moscow. In his first publication, love’s reason enough to put in the caption, “I Came in the country that do not accept gay people, no, they find out that I’m a “shemale”. When in Russia, I am arrived!”. The photo received a lot of comments here

“Every day that passes, I am more in love with this woman.”


“it is a hug, a very friendly cat, looks like Princess Leia from Star Wars.”

“With you, I wish that every day is a holiday.”

In another photo, taken by the influencer, and you put a photo on the Red square in Moscow, one of the most important tourist areas in Russia, and in her legend, she tells us about Russia, and to do a little comparison in regard to St. Paul’s. Please see below for the subtitle:

Russia is A country that culturally distinguish that I have visited, where the dusk of the day 16:00 , cold and reserved to equal the minimum. The most difficult thing is the communication, you not only speak English, “only in the sights such as red square,” and the sign on the road”, hell is worse than the SP, it a thousand times, it’s all in Russian… I eat it in at least two of text, and thanks to you, I am it. To sum up 😂 to crazy, the Russian government trip.

Also, we noticed in one of your stories, that before I returned to Brazil, she gave it to a stop in Lisbon, Portugal. In his stories, Geisy, you can enjoy the night in Lisbon, a launge.