Geisy Arruda poses in lingerie and taunts: “Not I want, I want” – 05/02/2020


Geisy Arruda provoked his fans in the night, as it is today: a model and a writer, he published a photo wearing lingerie, a black, and the label took advantage of the opportunity to stir up the public.

“I don’t want to, but don’t want to know, I want to,” she wrote.

Those who came up with Geisy in the social networks, you know, that you trust, your followers drool: over the last weekend, shared it on another click, this time in their stories, in which she appeared in a string bikini, and in a pose that is also daring.

To be asked the time, me on the erotic fantasies of their followers on the social networking site. Most recently, she has published a book dedicated to the topic.