Geisy Arruda remembers the old photo of the bikini-and-shoots: “Miss you”


Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Last Monday (the 27th), the model Geisy Arruda he recalled that a photo showed up of a bikini-clad printed, highlighted, and your beautiful body. “Oie miss my belly!”, he said, in the legend, indicates the abdominal.

At that time, she appeared with a dress, the small tube and a low-cut, won many awards from fans. “Grace, BUT for the ABUNDANCE OF BEAUTY”, “Iu is very hot”, and “Gatíssima”, are just a few of them.

It is worth noting that Rue is launching the the first book of erotic storiesrecently. “I’m in you, or sleep, for the fear! In November, we will launch my first collection of short stories that could be considered erotic. More than 100 pages just for the stories, good hooker”She said at the time. Geisy has already foster appeared in handcuffs in a bed, to to be book.

“Have you been cheated on (to)?? It’s terrible, right? However, it is not actually… My book of short stories, A “pleasure of revenge” you will learn that even in a horn you have there, on the side of “GOOD”. If it is the same as a girl is bad. Down in the pleasurecame here to say.

Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/Instagram)