Geisy Arruda says favorite sex position for you: “joy”


Geisy Arruda is a show-off. Those who follow the influencer on social networks, you might be surprised, but they decided to reaffirm that picture, in a chat with fans.

“When I put on the video, I’m ready I’m next. The display fascinated me. So, ‘just to look’ you may be a very good thing’,” he said, after he questioned it, looks thrilled””.

The questions that still have to be reached on the sex positions are preferred for Geisy. And for those who don’t know that it could be very innovative surprise in terms of its direct answer even the most libidinal of all the fans: “I enjoy”.

The muse is in the UK, where he spends a season in which, he says, by more and more ideas for more short stories forum. In December, 2019, she gave up The pleasure of revenge, book of erotic stories by you.