Geisy Arruda, the unusual posture and suggests that this end-of-the-year


The pose of the authorisation crazy with the fans

From: Alefy Smith | on 30 December, 11:57 am

The revelations in his book, “The Lust of revenge, Geisy Arruda went back to the madman and his followers on the afternoon of this Monday (30).

Muse a photo that appears on can comfortable and gave us a hint to your friends that are in the service have released.

“Surprise your boy or girlfriend is in my book of short stories, A “Lust for violence” and “spice up” the relationship… But only if you try one of the rides in the book. Anyone here ever been in handcuffs? As a submissive and “owned” by your “own” bed?” I wrote it.[[[[

In the comments and in the ” played: “take the book, and it is in a Geisy and are there for him,” said one. “I swear, one day I will die, a picture of this woman,” joked another.


In the spirit of Christmas, Geisy Arruda poses for mom for Christmas: “the gift you lack.”

Geisy Arruda break the internet by you is not in the back: “It’s you.”

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