Geisy Arruda wins the toy, the inside, and pose for the picture, amazing


You already have a time Geisy Arruda has caused on the internet. Recently, she has decided to be innovative and apply for a new toy the love to your followers.

If you want to really in the object, Geisy Arruda he ended up with her and decided to share their joy on twitter. “I got you a butt plug to pink , then to mention in the historys, I wanted to… to meet with the incoming of such women,”he wrote.

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Geisy Arruda, put up a photo of my butt on twitter, and it amazes netizens

On the morning of Saturday, may 15, Geisy Arruda he woke up excited and decided to surprise his fans with a photo of the surprise on Twitter. The strengthening posted at the click of a button out of your ass and take a crazy their fans. In the post, I received many compliments.

You can play on Twitter for the Geisy Arruda
You can play on Twitter for the Geisy Arruda

“You’re something, that’s all for me! What a pity, so far away and it is only in your dreams,” said a reader, “I like you, you are beautiful… Send file ba-MD???”, another said, “how Much beauty, how much more natural, Yes, that is a beautiful ass,” commented great a fan, “It bundia! You can even, on request, the screen of your PC!”he said to the other, “You’re beautiful , my dream was to meet you, sexy”, said a fan.

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