Gemini and Sagittarius want to escape

In today’s horoscope, Thursday 6 April 2023, the unlucky sign is Capricorn while the lucky sign is Sagittarius. Pay attention to the effects of the Full Moon in Libra: an important moment to restore the balance between what we want for ourselves and the space we want to leave for others.

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Today’s horoscopeThursday 6 April 2023, and the sign-by-sign forecasts on love, work and luck: here’s what the stars have in store for us on this day.

Today is the Full Moon in Libra: specifically this Moon marks the important distinction we must make between our personal needs and the desire to find harmonious agreement with those around us.

With today’s full moon in the sign of Libra, I’d say the unfortunate sign both Capricorn while the lucky sign the Sagittarius.

The horoscope for April 3, 2023

Today’s horoscope for Aries

Warn that today you are re-evaluating your personal spaces and getting back to relationship management. With the full moon you need to keep everyone at arm’s length, and if you should slip a few middle fingers, with the most intrusive ones, you can always justify yourself that yours is an artistic performance inspired by the famous series of works ‘Middle Finger’ by the famous artist Ai Weiwei.

Love: you expect him to think about the whole partner, including the first approach.
Work: the word urgency is not part of your vocabulary, let everyone get over it.
Health: you are looking for simplicity like a salami sandwich.
Tip of the day: take your old Levi’s denim jacket out of the closet.
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Today’s horoscope for Taurus

I’m sure you liked Giorgia Meloni’s idea about the possibility of creating a Made in Italy high school. With the support of Mercury and Venus, your sense of territoriality is truly enhanced, and since you are a true specialist in traditions and aesthetic taste, you could apply as principal for this new school. Make a proposal for the complete study plan now.

Love: you know how to be soft and enveloping like the toweling bathrobe taken out of the dryer.
Work: your knowledge is more complete than the Treccani encyclopaedia.
Health: perfect like Botticelli’s Venus.
Tip of the day: take a course in three-dimensional reading.
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Today’s horoscope for Gemini

Today’s Full Moon emphasizes your need to be cared for and entertained, and you seek approval and appreciation like a baby panda with its keeper. The perfect program for you is to find dinner ready served on the sofa to watch Pio and Amedeo’s program ‘Felicissima Sera’. In addition, with this desire for light-heartedness, it is the right time to book a holiday.

Love: you want to be hugged like a cuddly toy when you go to sleep.
Work: demand pats on the back and praise, otherwise we will see you on strike like the French on the Champs Elysées.
Health: you go to the gym only for the Turkish bath at the end of the workout.
Tip of the day: go to a Nail Bar for a perfect manicure and pedicure.
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Today’s horoscope for Cancer

You don’t even fear the Full Moon against today, because you are truly confident towards life with Venus, Mercury and Mars on your side and you feel more energetic than Goku when he transforms into Super Saiyan. You are capable of impossible missions, such as that of consoling and relieving the black mood of the Napoli fans after the defeat against Milan. You can take on any challenge.

Love: Go shopping spree at the sex shop.
Work: you really like being the best in the whole office.
Health: You’re so fit that you’re sporting super-fitted outfits that show off your defined muscles.
Tip of the day: organizes a disco evening with nineties music.
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Today’s horoscope for Leo

Demand absolute silence, like that in a Zen monastery, because your emotions, with today’s full moon, are deafening, like the band of teenagers rehearsing in a garage. In fact, you are perfectly in line with the choice of the owner of the ramen restaurant, Debu-chan in Tokyo, which prohibits the use of mobile phones in his restaurant so as not to disturb the other diners. You need a return to deep serenity.

Love: demand at least two meters of distance.
Work: your dream is the old job of the postal worker who drops his pen at five in the afternoon, practically a chimera.
Health: You are so overstimulated by noise that you walk around with soundproof ear plugs.
Tip of the day: with all this need for concentration you go immediately to a Zen monastery.
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Today’s horoscope for Virgo

You are all hearts and pizzini of love that you leave in every corner of the house for your partner. Live love, giving yourself completely without any reservations. You are joyful like Diletta Leotta who shows the large audience of followers the hint of bacon announcing the arrival of her baby. You in this riot of joy wallow just like a little mermaid.

Love: live with the certainty of the ending: ‘and all lived happily ever after’.
Work: you feel like you are on a straight where you can rev the gas to the max.
Health: your day is as serene and relaxing as a massage at the spa.
Tip of the day: buy chocolate eggs to offer to guests at home.
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Today’s horoscope for Libra

Today’s full moon, right in your sign, will put you in front of your emotional turmoil that you are usually always very good at hiding under very stylish Anna Wintour-esque outfits. In fact, you could lose control and be like Lady Gaga, who prints a kiss on her mouth to one of her haters during the filming of the film ‘Joker: Folie a deux’. Let yourself go with the flow of emotions.

Love the desire for sex ended up in the attic with the boxes of Christmas decorations.
Work you’re in such emotional turmoil that you struggle to maintain your granite aplomb when answering emails.
Health: you get angry as soon as you hear the slightest hint of criticism.
Tip of the day: prepare bags with camphor and lavender to pick up your winter sweaters.
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Today’s horoscope for Scorpio

You’ll have to admit that your super brain, which usually works better than a quantum computer, has gone on vacation to Caribbean beaches and has no intention of putting it to work. With Mercury in opposition, objectivity has abandoned you, so much so that you are sure that to keep the champagne bottle from going flat, just put a teaspoon in the neck of the bottle. Watch out that you could be the favorite subject for online hoaxes.

Love: to start practicing love you would need a tutorial.
Work: you experience everything in slow motion.
Health: You only feel comfortable with the Addams Family.
Tip of the day: buy a Dylan Dog comic.
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Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

You feel free to breathe, move and love even with a certain amount of passion and today’s Full Moon brings back all the enthusiasm you’ve been missing in all of this last period. You are so happy that you are overjoyed at the news that the latest and definitive Indiana Jones will be presented at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Even if it’s yet another film with Harrison Ford who no longer wields the whip like in ‘The Search for the Lost Ark’, you still with all these awakened senses would give him a passionate kiss.

Love: you could even declare yourself openly.
Work: Focus on one goal at a time.
Health: you are full of energy again to exhaust the Personal Trainer.
Tip of the day: covers all ‘Indiana Jones’ movies.
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Today’s horoscope for Capricorn

Defend your amorous privacy to the hilt by putting high and impenetrable barriers like when you grow a hedge against the meddlesome neighbor. Today’s full moon teaches you the great importance of your territory, so much so that in addition to calling the alarm technician you will absolutely want to chat directly with Aranzulla to have him explain all the steps to protect your personal chats on whatsapp with your fingerprint.

Love: you’re just on a break because you don’t know from which position you want to start the embrace.
Work: today better to stall because you need the right inspiration.
Health: You can always count on your dazzling shape and Durbans smile.
Tip of the day: try the cricket flour croissants to test your mettle.
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Today’s horoscope for Aquarius

Your urge to mingle with Mercury and Venus against is like that of a grizzly bear when mating season is over. You want tranquility that can only be achieved with solitude. Your ideal job at the moment is that of a shepherd and he travels with his flock for months in the mountains but first it would be better for you to enroll in the ‘Shepherd School’ so you’ll be sure you’re well prepared.

Love if you think something is stirring it’s just the languor in your stomach.
Work you feel like you just got back from the far east totally jet lagged.
Health you should opt for a bland workout to maintain your athletic shape.
Tip of the day: enjoy the beauty of the little things like fresh flowers in the bathroom.
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Today’s horoscope for Pisces

You have boarded, with Mercury in your favour, your train of ideas which runs at great speed like the magnetic ones in Japan and no one can stop you. However, you will have to deal with possible criticism especially if, like Elon Musk, you decide to change the historic Twitter logo, the little bird, with that of his dog, a very nice Dogecoin. Understood?

Love: you go around with the battery charger in case there should be small defaillances.
Work you no longer have any brakes and you really go great.
Health: you have reached your perfect shape.
Tip of the day: learn to make crowns with daisies.
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