Gemma Galgani, farewell, men and women? Sweet meeting that drives out the fans

Gemma Galgani said goodbye to men and women? A video circulating online has sparked curiosity among fans of the Canale 5 show.

Gemma will be next season Man and woman? The famous conversation about feelings will return in time in September, so the wait is about to end and fans of the show can finally see the members again to find out how they spent their holidays. The eyes are primarily focused on Gemma Galgania gorgeous 73-year-old girl from the women’s stalls who has kept viewers glued to the screen for ten years thanks to the plot of her sentimental stories.

Gemma Galgani was born in 1950. her height is 1.68, weight is about 55 kg. She was born and raised in Turin, where she lives, but is of Tuscan origin. She has two sisters with whom she is very close and wonderful nephews with whom she spends some of her time. From a young age, she showed that she had an independent and rebellious soul, in fact she was given a very strict and tough education, but from adolescence, Galgani showed that she wanted to live her life to the fullest and without limitation.

She grows up and starts working, becoming the director of several theaters in Turin. In his life there were very important relationships that ended weddingwhich, however, lasted only six months between them, despite the feeling of strong incompatibility of characters.

Men and women, Gemma had great love, but now?

Later, other important stories happened to her, which, unfortunately, ended, and therefore she ended up in the Canale 5 studio. For many years now Gemma Galgani she dreams of meeting love, real, passionate and all-consuming, capable of making her vibrate and dream. He met several knights, but only with Seagull Giorgio ManetteThat she said she was really in love. However, their story also ended, and Gemma began dating other men, but these acquaintances did not turn into real love stories.

Has Gemma Galgani found love? – Instagram source @uominiedonne –

His journey of study Man and woman it is talked about a lot for this very reason, Gemma is an adult woman who, however, experiences emotions in a childish way, dreams of having a man next to her who loves her, protects her and supports her, without neglecting the passionate aspect that for her very important, as it should be in a sentimental relationship.

Gemma arranged a special and unexpected meeting for men and women

Recently Lady Gaga He was talked about a lot because of the video, which quickly went viral. In fact, Gemma met a very important person for her, who was identified as special.

It’s about beauty Ida Platano, they met through “Men and Women”, and from that moment on, their friendship only grows stronger. They can always count on mutual support and support, because both experienced difficult moments and found relief in the proximity of one and the other, both rejoiced at the successes and joys that they experienced in their lives.

A true friendship that transcends age and geographical distance, two women deeply understand and understand each other precisely because they have the same desire and the same desire to love and be loved. Today, Ida has found sentimental stability with her new partner. Alexander Proximityalso ex-knight Throne over.

The two are happy and get along well with each other. and they enjoy the summer between holidays, good food and heavenly places, but instead Gemma? According to rumors, she would have been caught in the company of a young guy with whom she would spend the summer, but it would seem that the rumors have no basis.

And also because his participation in “Men and Women” was confirmed, even if it was, the relationship would have ended. Therefore, fans of the show can breathe a sigh of relief: Gemma will be present and will return in search of love.

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