Gender essentialism: what is it and why it should be overcome

TeaMany talk about it, but few know what it really means: the discovery of gender essentialism

never heard gender essentiality, Today, more than ever, sexuality and relationships are experienced differently, taking into account the nuances and aspects. Result? Making room for what’s called the sexual imperative is over fluidity And for everyone – finally – the possibility to consider themselves free from pre-established labels and schemas.

what is gender essentiality

Gender essentialism therefore refers to an obsolete theory that there are intrinsic differences between men and women. In short, this vision identifies the male and female genders. two opposite sides And with well-defined differences relating to manner of acting, life choices and other elements that would be irreversible. A way to promote prejudices and justify anomalies and stereotypes that have ruled our society for centuries.

In reality, as we well know, the reality described by gender essentialism is very different. the world is not specifically divided Men and women, Quite the contrary: There are also people who identify as non-binary.

what does it mean to be non-binary

But what does it mean to be non-binary? We are usually assigned a gender at birth. However, today we know that this definition goes far beyond the binary distinction of male and female, as there are people who do not identify with these categories.

This expression was born in reaction to that social standards Which divides people into men and women. In fact, those who identify as non-binary reject this vision and claim a right to complexity that has, in fact, never been taken into account by gender essentialism. basically what it claims will not be fooledRather live your individuality and sexuality freely.

It’s no surprise that non-binary is a broad term that includes many gender identities. penis fluid And Agenda. So the issue is not related to gender transition, but rather the need to see what one is and the possibility to express one’s authentic self fully and without accusation or fear. A battle also fought by many celebrities who have declared themselves as non-binary Demi Lovato, Jonathan Van Ness And Sam Smith,

non binary love

Who are non-binary people attracted to? To answer the question many people ask, we must first clarify an important concept. Non-binary refers to a gender identity; sexual orientation, in contrast, refers to where a person’s desires are directed. This means that being non-binary cannot affect sexual attraction. So like everyone else, people who are non-binary may feel pushed toward many different identities or bodies that cover the entire spectrum of identities.

What does this mean? Just that a person can come out as heterosexual and non-binary, asexual and non-binary, or gay and non-binary, with options. potentially unlimited, It must also be emphasized that language, by definition, is limited when it comes to describing the interiority of each of us. Sexuality and gender labels are indeed useful in helping people feel more recognized, but this does not mean that the term chosen for sexual orientation or gender is capable of fully capturing one’s essence. In this case, as always, it is necessary to learn listen and ask questionsAccepting everyone’s personal interpretation.

Why does overcoming sexual compulsion matter?

Non-binary pride is an essential concept. In fact, it allows for a representation of all those who feel left out and rejected. traditional gender pairing, We are talking about people with no gender, mixed or multiple genders. This “umbrella term” also includes a flag, just like the LGBTQ+ community. It is a flag designed by Kei Rowan in 2014 with the colors white, black, purple and yellow.

How to support friends or acquaintances who declare themselves to be non-binary? First, it is necessary to seek information and learn to respect this point of view, overcoming gender essentialism. An important step is to ask about the pronouns and nouns that the person in question prefers. Another way to understand this universe would be to follow non-binary people on social networks that address this community such as Instagram profiles @BreakTheBinary and @Kai_Wes,

It is important to understand in general that, after years of not understanding in the face of gender essentialism, these people have finally decided to experience freedom and the possibility of being a more authentic and best version of themselves.

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