“Gender has nothing to do with the choice of director”

Natalie Portman feminist and women’s rights activist who has supported various movements over the years such as Me too, time’s up AND Women’s March. However, the actress does not believe in the existence of the so-called “female gaze” as he told Vanity Fair France.

She took sides in her statement against the idea of ​​one “typically female image”, which in film, but in art in general, points to the unique perspective that a woman can bring to a story that is considered fundamentally different from a man’s based on gender and life experiences. According to Natalie Portman, this theory does not take into account the individuality of a woman.

“To say that the director has a special look it degrades a woman’s individuality and their many points of view”– he said. “Women directors should have the same opportunities as their male colleagues. But the experience of working with a director is only about the individual and has nothing to do with their gender.”

The speech mainly concerned his next project: May Decemberdirector Todd Haynes. In the film, which she also co-produced, Portman plays Elizabeth Berry, a famous actress who prepares for a role and travels to Maine for a meet-and-greet. Gracie (Julianne Moore), the woman she will have to play. During the visit, Elizabeth develops a difficult relationship with Gracie herself and her husband Joe. Julianne Moore’s character is loosely based on a real-life case Mary Kay Letourneauconvicted of raping a 12-year-old student, with whom she also had two children.

A controversial story that Todd Haynes, according to Natalie Portman, managed to approach with the right approach: “Todd has a deep understanding of human nature. His female characters are complex and multifaceted.”

Source: Variety

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