Generation Z, why are they buying old phones now? Cause

There Generation Z expresses a certain nostalgia for old phones even if super-fast connections, super-clear photos and super-unlimited storage are usually the hallmarks latest generation smartphones which have greater control over consumers (despite prohibitive costs).

Very young and fashion for old phones: what’s going on?

However, those born between the mid-to-late 90s of the twentieth century and the early 2010s seem to want to go against the grain, so much so that the hashtag # has exploded on Tik Tok.return flifons. Indeed, in the US market there is a good growth of the so-called favorite phonesthat is, I basic cell phoneswithout great features and services offered, very cheap and outdated design.


Analysts Study of counterpoint predicted that by the end of 2023 they would bought 2.8 million old phones around the world: an anti-tech fad rooted in the instinctive need of the youngest to disconnect from hyperconnected worlddo digital detox diet also moving away from social media.

In fact, as is often the case, important evidence is emerging (see Tom Holland) about the toxic role of social media on our mental health, because it can pull us into inertiaendless scrolls for whole days almost completely abolishing human relations and distracting us from real life, from true perception of self and others.

Not only desire mental reboot underlies the choice of many Gen Zers to use older phones. According to Counterpoint Research, the discussion is broader and includes all those companies that want to reduce the cost of their products with a new policy; old phones an interesting option for tourists that they can only buy one for travel or for living in developing countries where the Internet connection is slow or unstable.

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