“Generous, even when misunderstood and attacked. I will always be grateful for his precious friendship.”

He was struck by a tumor with which he fought for many years. Entertainment world and closest friends cry Paul Reubensknown throughout the world for its character Pee Wee Herman. Among them is an Instagram post from a friend and colleague. Sharon Stone who starred with him in 2018 in the series mosaics:

“Paul Reubens was my close friend. He, like his family, possessed an immeasurable intellect, which gave a lot to our country. There were times when Paul was misunderstood and attacked by those who were not so bold or generous to the world, but he continued to be joyful, generous and kind. Paul Rubens was an example of love and modesty. I will always be grateful for your precious and tender friendship. My condolences to friends and family”

A few words that the actor wanted to dedicate to fans were also posted on Instagram:

“Please accept my apologies for not making public what I have experienced over the past six years. I have always felt great love and respect from my friends, fans and supporters. I loved you all very much and loved to draw for you.”

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