Genshin Impact celebrates its recent awards by giving out 800 free Protogems to players

The free-to-play miHoYo appreciates supporting its community with rewards for a limited time.

Winter has already arrived at Genshin Impact with its latest 2.3 update, Shadows of Snow and Dust, but also the awards. The Shanghai study wanted to celebrate with its community the latest awards received, having won the “PlayStation Partner Awards 2021 GRAND AWARD“and second place in the”PlayStation Game Music Award“.

The company thanked travelers for their unconditional support and wanted to celebrate by sending 800 Protogems as a gift of thanks from today, day December 4th, until next Tuesday December 7th. Although these rewards will be free, miHoYo has shared on its website the method and requirements to receive them.

We will receive 200 Protogems every day from December 4 to 7“From December 4 to 7, we will send 200 Protogems every day through the internal mail of the game at 00:00, according to the time zone of each server. They must be collected before the end of version 2.3. All travelers who have reached the Adventure Rank 7 or higher will be able to obtain through the internal mail of the game a total of 800 Protogems as a thank you gift. “

The latest update 2.3, released on last November 24, brought numerous challenges on the frozen mountain of Dragonspin, mysterious disappearances and temperatures that pose a challenge. If you need advice on Genshin Impact, remember that you have our guide available to complete the Shadows of Snow and Dust event, available until next time December 13th.

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