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Genshin Impact has already raised more than $ 2 billion dollars in mobile

In just one year, Genshin Impact has become a force to be reckoned with in games. A new report from Sensor Tower reveals that player spending has reached $ 2 billion on the mobile version of Genshin Impact, putting it above the iconic Pokémon Go.

Genshin Impact is now the third-largest game globally in terms of player spending, just behind the MOBA Honor of Kings (which generated $ 2.9 billion in player spending in the past year) and the battle game. royale PUBG Mobile (which generated $ 2.8 billion in spend).

Pokémon Go only generated $ 1.4 billion in expenses, ranking just ahead of Roblox. Unsurprisingly, China ranked first in spending on Genshin Impact, with 28.6% of total world income. Japan ranks second, with 23.7%, and the United States third, with 21%.

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Keep in mind that none of these values ​​includes the versions of Genshin Impact for consoles or PC, which will undoubtedly raise overall game revenue even more, although the mobile version will likely generate the most.

But player spending will only continue if miHoYo keeps them happy, and right now it seems like they aren’t. The players of Genshin Impact they are rating the game negatively on all platforms in protest of the current anniversary event, the biggest complaint being the meager rewards from the event.

miHoYo has responded to the uproar by promising more thank you gifts on the way. “We have paid close attention to the feedback on the first anniversary of Genshin Impact“miHoYo said in a statement.”Feedback and feedback from players and fans is truly valuable to us, and we wish all fans to continue the adventure and collect more fond memories at Teyvat.“.

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