George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin: a love story

There were all grounds for this marriage to break up shortly after the wedding, or even before. He didn’t want to marry and she seemed best suited to the clamor and superficiality of Hollywood. However, in spite of everything, love between George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin It’s going great.

George and Amal Clooney, how they met

They met dearly at George’s villa on Lake Como in the summer of 2013 Laglio’s Villa Oleandra, She arrived at dinner with a mutual friend, who announced over the phone to George: The man you will marry will come with me. He laughed and replied: that would never happen. That night they talked endlessly and that was the beginning of everything. For six months they saw each other continuously and they began exchanging letters in distant moments. One thing they still do today, George admitted in an interview: “I leave them on their pillow.” He was mesmerized by her magnetic beauty which reflected not only in her royal looks but also in her character. Even before a brilliant woman, she is a committed, brilliant, determined man. She is a lawyer specializing in international law and human rights and she wins him over with her intelligence. Believing that marriage and children were not his destiny, he wavered from the very first moment before her.

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marriage proposal

Six months later he invited her over for dinner, he cooked. He had arranged everything but we almost didn’t want him to leave. He had hidden the ring in a drawer to surprise her: “Are you looking for the lighter that is in that drawer?” He was taken aback, shaken, said yes. Instead she became furious and angry, convinced that it was an ex’s ring. It was he who confronted Drew Barrymore about his gaffe on TV, laughing heartily. together they laugh a lot, he added, every day. When the twins jump on the bed in the morning, when little Alexander jokes with his dad, when he bends over to fix his train on the red carpet in front of all the photographers.

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And so the unrepentant bachelor, who broke the optimistic hearts of all the exiles, became a completely happy husband in his new role for almost 10 years. Amal is also happy who declared in one of the couple’s rare interviews that she has found him to be a formidable person with whom to share the joy of both family and social commitment. they co-founded Clooney Foundation for Justice Who fights to recognize the innocence of those detained without reason.

The Clooneys’ relationship with Italy

They married in Venice in 2014 And since then Italy has been their constant holiday destination so that the children can learn to speak Italian fluently. But they don’t and this creates some embarrassment with the kids who make fun of them or take advantage of the fact that mom and dad don’t understand them. At Villa Oleandra, which has expanded since 2004 with the nearby Villa Margherita, they regularly host famous friends such as Brad Pitt, Barack Obama, Catherine Zeta Jones, Harry and Meghan. But often they retire alone with their children to enjoy their holidays.

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Sometimes they welcome people who aren’t exactly famous, but contribute to the causes they fight for. In the summer of 2022 they hosted two Oklahoma nationals that were all taken from those who donated to Omez Charity. Their love is based on this: a common goal, whether it’s building a family or a better world.

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