George Clooney is back as Batman in The Flash. What does this mean when looking at the next movies?

Spoiler alert – there’s a lot of information in the article you’re about to read glitter

glitter It’s already been envisioned by DC as a major cinematic event with crossover ambitions for several years, so it was no surprise to see so many familiar faces returning to the scene. From Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s welcome return to Batman as well as the discovery of Sasha Calle as the new incarnation of Supergirl, not forgetting Gal Gadot’s fleeting appearance as Wonder Woman, we’ve seen plenty of sizzling cameos from throughout the series. Famous faces from DC movies and television adaptations of yesteryear.

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The biggest surprise was probably in the last seconds of the film. In an ending that was added just a week before release—so many super-fans and journalists were invited to secret previews and screenings—George Clooney appears as Bruce Wayne, reprising his role. batman and robin, released in 1997. Following the roles of Michael Keaton – truly great – and the underwhelming but sexy Val Kilmer as Gotham’s Avenger in a bat suit, the film was considered a nadir for celluloid adaptations of comics at the time. Today he is remembered with a little more affection for his taste for kitsch and the ostentatious bat-nipples of his costumes.
Not only that, this movie represents one of the tiles merged in Nola’s Dark Knight trilogy, so you can’t totally hate it.

How did George Clooney end up? glitter,

At the end of glitterBarry Allen, the superhero speedster with the characteristics of Ezra Miller, works to undo the changes to the timeline he was responsible for, risking destroying the multiverse – seeing is believing – but his mother’s He also failed to escape death. new timeline. As a partial consolation, he manages to obtain the evidence needed to clear his father of murder, finally breaking him out of prison.

well but, as anyone who’s ever seen it knows back to the future, Donnie Darko, the butterfly Effect Or the Simpsons horror special in which Homer darts through the space-time continuum using a time-traveling toaster, even the most insignificant changes in the past can have major echoes in the present.
In particular, when our Barry proves his father’s innocence, he learns that Bruce Wayne is no longer the one he knew: his appearance is no longer that of Ben Affleck, but that of George Clooney!
Naib. According to a fast-growing alternate theory and without a certain black humor, the red-clad hero hasn’t actually returned to his original universe.

In any case, when one is in the cinema, one’s appearance is one of those jerks, because – as is known – Clooney hates batman and robina film in which he starred after managing to build a solid reputation with the series ER – Doctors on the Front Line, The film marked his first leading role on the big screen, apart from within a blockbuster, unfortunately the project was panned by critics and failed at the box office with unconvincing results.

“Actually, I gave a terrible performance as an actor in that case,” Clooney had the opportunity to announce in 2020 about his ill-fated Bat-film. “Believe me, I made a very bad impression on that occasion”. Even the recently deceased Joel Schumacher, who directed that film, claimed it didn’t work. “I mean, we all failed.”

According to hollywood reporterThe decision to include Clooney at the end of the film was made at the last minute. Test screenings for 2022 featuring both Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman were different. After the setbacks that have hit DC Comics in recent months, most notably the cancellation of the next Superman film with Cavill, a new ending was needed.

Long story short, the directors initially joked about bringing Clooney on, but DC’s new demiurges Peter Safran and James Gunn liked the idea. So, he sent a copy of the film to Clooney, who loved it and agreed to appear in it.
At that time, he shot the scene of “The Morning of January One” this year. Appropriately wary of the leak, Warner Bros. has played down the news, only including it in the final press screenings held in the week leading up to the film’s June 12 release.

Wait a minute… so is Clooney back as the main Batman?

Clooney’s one-off cameo could be for fun and set the “DC’s Extended Universe” apart – i.e. all the Detective Comics movies that have been made to date, starting with Strong Man – from those produced under the leadership of Safran and Gunn. After all, earlier this year, two filmmakers said that in fact, glitter DC’s cinematic continuity will have to be “reset”, starting with blue beetle to come in august aquaman and the lost empire In December, until later films. Why not, then, kick off this era with a low-budget cameo that, if nothing else, is meant to be surprising and a bit daring?

But then again… would it really be so wrong to think of George Clooney as the main Batman? Maybe by toppling Affleck’s Batman and bringing it back into play with nipples on the costume? And then… where do we put Robert Pattinson in all of this?

Gunn, who has a reputation for being very open with fans on Twitter, has cooled on the idea of ​​Clooney returning, especially since such a rumor started circulating in February. When asked by The Good James if Clooney would be cast as “the new main Batman of the DC Cinematic Universe”, he replied “Absolutely not”.

Interestingly enough, this exchange happened a few weeks after Clooney’s scene had already been filmed, so either it was a lie or we’ll have to watch out for little lines like we do in contracts and we’ve got to use the phrase ” Here the director didn’t say that Clooney won’t come back at allrather that he would not be the new Batman on whom the narrative would focus”.

All in all, one would think that our George cameo has arrived. glitter Something unique has to be considered (and even that money has the power to resurrect old superheroes).

As for the possibility of using the multiverse to bring Robert Pattinson into the main story line, Gunn confirmed – within the same Twitter thread – the search for a “new actor” to play the main Batman within the DC film universe.
This would reinforce the idea – which has already appeared elsewhere – that the Batman films featuring Pattinson as an actor and Matt Reeves as a director would enjoy a certain narrative autonomy.

However, a crossover cannot be ruled out. The next Batman film in the new DC film universe is expected to feature a different interpreter for Bat Man.
The title of the film — another assignment assigned to The Flash director Andy Muschetti — should be Batman: The Brave and the Bold, At the moment, there is still no definite information regarding its release date.

Article originally published at GQ UK

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