Georgetown is the directorial debut of Christoph Waltz.

Broadcast on Riplay he arrives Georgetown .

Christoph Waltz it never ceases to amaze. We found that he was a great actor not only in the two great roles he gave him. Quentin Tarantino (both Oscar-winning), but also in excellent Big eyes From Tim Burton (2014), in which he played the crazy wife of a stunning Amy Adamsbut in the gloomy and tense massacre (2011) author Roman Polanski With Kate Winslet AND Jody nurture.

His completely unique face, endowed with cartoonish ambiguity, returns to Georgetown, a film in which the actor again directs himself in a crazy, ambiguous and unbearable way.

Georgetown Based on a true story

Georgetown based on a true story that appeared in the pages of New York Magazine in 2012. Ulrich, A German who moved to the USA, he is a very influential person. Surrounded by a dense network of social and political relationships, he is obsessively proud of his medals and never seems to be able to part with them. He polishes them for hours, content with what they represent and the status he belongs to. At parties, he appears in uniform, telling everyone present about his missions in Iraq or conferences at the UN and other anecdotes. The only detail is that nothing he says is true. Ulrich is just a fiction, an impostor who has built a character. His castle of lies will fall when his wife Elsa is found dead (Vanessa Redgrave), a well-known journalist, much older than him and to whom Ulrich actually owes the fame he has received and the social role in which he is inserted. As investigations focus on finding out the truth, all the pieces of the unfolded puzzle will come to light and, going back in time, the film traces Ulrich’s life in the opposite direction, showing his madness, his negative side of genius, and how, out of nowhere, he managed to win his privileges and position. .

Lies are art

as director Waltz he plays here with himself and his ability to put on an impeccable villain mask. He insists on the character of a character endowed with an absolute lack of humanity, a natural villain capable of devising cumbersome tricks using increasingly articulated lies that eventually ensnare him in a network from which it will be difficult to escape. The theatrical farce dominates a kind of pantomime where the mask is the master, and in this role play the film itself unfortunately falls into a maelstrom of genres from thriller to yellow or drama, finding no suitable place.

In the end, the image that stands out the most is perhaps that of a grotesque political satire with a caustic message about the games of power and obscure dynamics that govern in the “environment” and among the people “who matter”, enslaved and overwhelmed. what it offers appearance.

Cast members Georgetown

Everyone is helped by a magnificent cast of great actors, in which, in addition to a gigantic Waltz (also screenwriter), stand out convincingly Annette Bening and one always worthy and regal Vanessa Redgrave.

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