Georgia Soleri releases message agreed with Damiano to make breakup official

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Georgia Soleri AND Damian David they broke off relations more than a month ago, but even today the former couple arouses the curiosity of fans. Interrogation on Instagram about the end of the love story with the band’s frontman Maneskinshared the influencer and writer farewell message that both were supposed to post an official breakup message on social media, which was instead expected by a TikTok video of Damiano kissing a Roman model in a Formentera disco. Martina Talienti, a friend of bassist Victoria De Angelis. “Hi everyone, we wanted to let you know that we have decided to end our relationship and go our separate ways. Even if we are no longer a couple, our decision will not affect our relationship of affection and respect in any way, so we ask that you respect us, our privacy and our choices at this delicate moment. Thank you for your understanding, Georgia and Damiano,” the message, preserved in draft notes on Soleri’s smartphone and never published, reads.


After the sudden revelation of Damiano’s new adventure, the singer hastily explained that he had not committed any betrayal, since relations with Soleri had been closed for several days. The ex-girlfriend later clarified the “non-monogamous” nature of the previous romantic relationship, but stated that she “angry, hurt and disappointedfrom the sudden disclosure of the breakup news. Today, Soleri seems to have regained his composure, because “although this is a difficult period, I feel strangely focused, concentrated and serene, as if it had not been there for a long time. And I can finally stay in the present without forgetting the past or ignoring the future.”



Georgia Soleri moving from Rome while Damiano is on tour

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