Georgie Ward returns from Dua Lipa’s world tour

Bristronica 2023: Georgie Ward returns from Dua Lipa’s world tour

The new EP will be released on October 6th. 10.01.23

At Machina Bristronica 2023 we spoke to Georgie Ward, a talented keyboardist who we’ve spoken to before during lockdown (she asked some questions for the Christmas quiz!).

Georgie recently completed a year-long world tour with Dua Lipa. She shared her experience performing in arenas and stadiums, highlighting the energy and huge crowds that characterize such venues. She also discussed the challenges of touring, including long trips and the need for consistency in performing.

Back from tour, Georgie has been busy working on her new EP entitled “Flightless“, which featured instrumental electronic tracks inspired by various styles of movement. She explained how her recovery from foot surgery influenced the creation of the EP, with some tracks written while she sat on the floor with synthesizers on her lap. Georgie also mentioned her participation in session work, classical projects and collaborations, including upcoming appearances at the Bristol Beacon. While touring life has its rewards, she admitted it’s not for everyone and shared her excitement for future musical endeavors.

Those interested in Georgie Ward’s music and upcoming EP “Flightless” can stay up to date with her work on her official channels and keep an eye out for the EP’s release on October 6, 2023.


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