Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo: details of the agreement appear, news about the children

Latest news about the prenuptial agreement and its changes

Despite Georgina Rodriguez AND Cristiano Ronaldo deny their supposed separation, rumors of a possible external agreement between them continue to circulate. Last week, TV GUIA spoke about the divorce at home, saying that they will be together mainly because of their children.

It is also reported that in connection with Georgina’s first pregnancy, they entered into an agreement to protect the football player’s assets. This agreement will include that the family home of La Finca (Pozuelo) will become Georgina’s home and that she will receive a pension of around 100,000 euros per month for life. Some conditions would be changed upon the arrival of his daughter Bella Esmeralda. “From a very reliable and close source, we know that Georgina, in addition to being the mother of Alana and Bella Esmeralda, is also the mother of the twins Eva and Matteo. That is, not the biological mother, but the children are registered in the registry office like hers and have her last names. On December 18, 2018, Georgina Rodriguez traveled alone from Turin to Lugano, Switzerland to register Alana Martina as a Portuguese citizen at the Portuguese Consulate. Twins Eva and Mateo, born in the same year. were also registered in 2017. The Spanish-Argentine woman traveled alone, but with a document signed by Cristiano Ronaldo, which gave her full authority to register her children.”

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