Georgina Rodriguez hot yacht selfie: spicy reflections on the B side –

Georgina Rodriguez, queen of the Web, shows off her perfect physique while on a boat vacation with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Raise your hand who wouldn’t like to be there Georgina Rodriguez AND Cristiano Ronaldo Right now. The Spanish-Argentinean model and Portuguese champion are one of the most popular yet enviable couples in the world of entertainment and sports, and after a year of intense work responsibilities, they are finally enjoying their vacation.

Georgina Rodriguez thong yacht selfie from side B
Georgina Rodriguez, dream boat vacation: frame by frame, more and more irresistible (photo from Instagram) –

Holidays that, given the immediate heroes, could only be held in the name of luxury. And there is also a bit of Italy, and how, considering that the Ronaldo family is gathered all together in Sardinia. Whose seas have obviously remained in the heart of CR7 and its partner, who has already spent some time there several times in the past.

Thus, the days for them are spent on board the yacht in Costa Smeralda. A very expensive boat, ideal for relaxing and not thinking about anything, just sunbathing and diving into the crystal clear sea.

Georgina Rodriguez, the hottest selfie in history: the reflection of side B in the mirror is crazy

The snaps that both planetary celebs post on social media show breathtaking views, but also show us just how happy and serene the couple is. Especially since both are in great shape. And there could be no doubt. Cristiano Ronaldo does not let go even on vacation. Georgina, at the same time, always demonstrates a silhouette with flashy curves.

And between a dip in the water and a little tan, one shot after another confirms it. To great joy almost 50 million Instagram followerswho in this case can really enjoy a super provocative vision, one that has never been seen before.

Georgina Rodriguez thong yacht selfie from side B
Georgina Rodriguez, majestic side B to say the least: super provocative vision (photo from Instagram) –

The selfie on the deck of the boat plays with reflections in the mirror of the cabin, before our eyes appears side B of unstoppable shapes and with a very thin strap that seems to disappear. A real work of art, which was greeted, of course, with the applause of the community in the form of enthusiastic likes and comments. Georgina is crazier than ever and has reminded us once again, if we’ve ever forgotten it, just how much sensuality she’s capable of.

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