Georgina Rodriguez poses on a private jet accompanied by a very immodest escort.

Another day without Ser Georgina Rodriguez. This phrase is exclaimed by hundreds of fans who admire the glamorous and relaxed life of the model and the appearance of the football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

A famous person can afford a collection of expensive bags, a vacation on a luxurious holiday, the most expensive outfits and joy in the style of a monarch. He recently landed on board the private jet of his partner, who was deported from wherever he was. at the exit the one who attracted attention.

Total “white”, from the pies to the top. Georgina saw one of the most popular clothing brands and immediately ate the jalago. For an on-air photo shoot that gets over three thousand likes, I choose short pants and a front-facing top.

Various details were also added to the white shoes, making them much larger in size. “What kind of pie does a woman wear????”, “What kind of potatoes, as many as 43.” But the model was also joked about the shape of her “poorly made and very raised” face.


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Barranquillara received praise for the new theme, but also negative comments.

Acting debut

Georgina is the main character of the new music video by Colombian Sebastian Yatra., Bakana energy. In the audio-visual video, I approach a model taking a few steps and with romantic images on the C7 side with the one who has the least number of years in a relationship.

“Oh my God, how beautiful is this energy that you feel”, “How pure is this participation, everything that comes from it is pure Bakan energy”, “So much Bakan energy is felt through it”, “I love it in the video clip he rises to Cristiano’s side rather than any other model. For me, this is respectful,” they expressed their opinion.


  • Georgina Rodriguez boarded a private jet and went on a sporty trip, accompanied from above.
  • Her followers praised her, while others criticized her glamorous life.

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