Georgina Rodriguez stars in Sebastian Atela’s latest song, in which Cristiano also takes part and mentions Aitana

Sebastián Yatra releases a new song titled “Energía bacana”. A topic with a very special protagonist: Georgina Rodriguez. Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, who stars in his documentary on Netflix and is the Spanish woman with the most followers on Instagram, makes her acting debut in this video clip with the Colombian artist.

The video was released this morning, a few days after Atla and Rodriguez left clues on their social networks, which raised great expectations as to what we would see in the image. As expected, neither man was disappointed. The first notification comes from Carlos AlcarazHe, who has a very good relationship with the singer, saw the video clip in public. “This is pretty good, man, this is pretty good. This is pretty cool.”said the Murcia tennis player.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Aitana Ocaña, luxurious supporting roles

The recording took place in Madrid in two very different circumstances: first, A luxury home with a swimming pool and a party room on one side. The influencer has a unique style and sparkles in every scene wearing the same MiuMiu sunglasses and necklace she wore during her last visit to “El Hormiguero”. Surprisingly Cristiano Ronaldo dances with her in several scenes of the video clip.

However, they’re not the only couple featured in the song. Aitana OcañaHe has been in a relationship with Sebastián Yatra since the beginning of 2023, and many of the phrases in this new song seem to be dedicated to him. “Before I was your boyfriend, I was your friend and now you are my sweetheart. If I have to smile, you are the reason”sang the Colombian in one of his poems.

Apart from, At one point, Yatra appears talking to a girl wearing a hat, short hair, glasses and earrings, very similar to those worn by the Spanish singer in “Operación Triunfo”. Possibly a reference to his partnership becoming increasingly open to the public.

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